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About ELSA

ELSA, The European Law Students' Association, as the world's biggest of its kind, offers law students, barristers and young lawyers the opportunity to be active and to educate themselves beyond the classic university's curriculum. Mutual understanding of European cultures and peoples, the education of lawyers with social and intercultural competence, academic work and practical relevance are the keystones of ELSA's self image.

ELSA has become a valuable addition to numerous university's academic curriculum through it's academic, practically relevant activities including abroad experience, co-existing to ordinary legal education. Besides that, ELSA offers a unique chance to strengthen one's skills in international communication, project organisation and soft skills.

Through the intensive exchange on European level ELSA brings together law student's from all over Europe and as a platform to together become active and involved. With its over 40,000 members at over 250 universities in 41 countries ELSA can take advantage of a strongly connected, vital Europe wide network.

How does ELSA benefit me?

ELSA offers law students and young lawyers from their first university semester on up until entering professional life the chance to broaden their horizon, to overcome prejudices and to discover internationality. The activities of ELSA are of value for every law student, be it through gaining early experience and inside views in organising, working in a team or project management - assets with tremendous relevance in your future career.

 External Trainers and the professionally educated Trainer Team of ELSA Germany offer valuable Trainings for free in Communication, Moderation, Project Management, Team Building, Conflict Management, Motivation and Presentation skills. 

 It is in ELSA Germany's values to not conduct direct recruiting, meaning that there will be no direct reference to potential employers. Nevertheless, actively getting involved in ELSA offers numerous opportunities to get in touch with a broad bandwidth of interesting and influential persons. 

ELSA is good for you!

To not create a wrong image here: ELSAnians carry out a lot of idealism, especially on ELSA's internal meetings as well as any ELSA event. Still, it's all about also taking opportunities as you get them - to have fun, to work professionally and to develop one's own skills and personality.