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Vice President for Academic Activities - Gertrud Bohler

Range of activity/ projects

As the Vice President for Academic Activities, I mainly support and help the local officers in hosting and organizing projects, for example Moot Courts, the Client Interviewing Competition or L@W- Events, organize and coordinate national final rounds of our competitions and cooperate with the other Key Areas S&C and STEP to support the International Focus Program (IFP) of ELSA.

My aim for this year is to implement network projects like the ELSA Germany Moot Court (EDMC) and competitions even more in the German network by working together and learn from one another.

Coaching Groups

Bielefeld, Bonn, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Freiburg, Greifswald, Jena, Kiel, Marburg, Osnabrück, Regensburg, Wismar


E-Mail: vpaa@elsa-germany.org

Telefon: +49 6221 601458 

Telefax: +49 6221 601459 

Mobil: +49 176 340 20 655

ELSA Member since:



I first came in contact with ELSA during a fresher weekend the local group of the university I studied at organizes every year. There I got to know the idea, work and motivation of this association. Cultural diversity, the cooperation in the network on a national and international level and working for the same projects with the vision of ELSA in our minds, this is what ELSA stands for and what has fascinated me from the beginning.

Why National Board?

After one year as a local officer for Academic Activities I want to dedicate myself for one whole year to the ELSA network. Looking forward to work with the national and international officers on projects of this association, to implement and promote them- all this is what motivates me to work in the National Board this term


  • 10/2013 Member of ELSA Bayreuth



  • 08/2014 - 07/2015 Vice President for Academic Activities bei ELSA Bayreuth



  • Since 08/2015 Vice President for Academic Activities of ELSA Germany



Visited national and international Meetings and Seminars

  • 06/2014 53th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Giessen AA Workshop

  • 07/2014 Train the Officers in Mannheim

  • 09/2014 4th Key Area Meeting in Prague AA Workshop

  • 11/2014 National Officers Meeting in Münster AA Workshop

  • 01/2015 54th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Osnabrück AA Workshop, Chair

  • 04/2015 National Officers Meeting in Potsdam AA Workshop

  • 04/2015 67th International Council Meeting in Cluj-Napoca AA Workshop, Secretary

  • 06/2015 55th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Passau AA Workshop

  • 07/2015 7th Extraordinary National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Frankfurt am Main

  • 08/2015 Train the Officers in Frankfurt (Oder)