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President - Ferdinand J. Hnatkow

Area of Activity/Projects

BEE stands for “Board Management, External Relations, Expansion” as official and incisive description of the tasks of a president of ELSA. But what’s behind this?

Board Management

The President acts like an “engine” and is the strategic coordinator of the Association. He has to be able to motivate its members and board constantly and should be informed about the different tasks of his board, all in common agreement with his fellow board colleagues.

External Relations

One of the main tasks of a President is taking care of external contacts. The President represents the association externally and it is his job to advertise ELSA to the public. He represents ELSA on official or festive occasions and is in this respect the highest representative figure of his board.


In addition, the Presidents takes care of the acquisition of new members and – as President of ELSA Germany – supports new Local Groups during the founding phase in all relevant questions ensuring a smooth integration to the network.

Coaching Groups

Bayreuth, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Köln, Lüneburg, München, Potsdam, Würzburg


E-Mail: president@elsa-germany.org

Telefon: +49 6221 601458 

Telefax: +49 6221 601459 

Mobil: +49 176 340 20 651

Member of ELSA since





For many people studying law is very boring and have just sessions of theory. But ELSA give the chance to be socially committed, to visit many unknown cities and get to know students next to school. You also can improve soft skills. For example, people who have many skills in the area of marketing, he also can work for it in ELSA. To organize seminar and conferences are also part of the ELSA work. Internationality in cooperation to this point make the task more varied and attractive.


Why National Board?

Before I started working on national level I was working 2 years for my local group in Germany. My team and I have an awesome spirit and we organize many events. So I was fulltime very motivated. After being participant of national and international meetings the thought of being responsible for the national board grow. So my board members and I came in contact before the election and we were very looking forward to living in Heidelberg and work for the german network. Maybe there are still some unknown skills or perhaps some weaknesses. But one year working with the national and the international board will show me my personal way of life.


  • 10/2013 Member of ELSA Giessen

  • 04/2014 - 07/2014 Director for Marekting ELSA Giessen

  • 08/2014 - 07/2015 Präsident of ELSA Giessen 

  • Seit 08/2015 Präsident of ELSA Germany

Visited national and international Meetings and Seminars

  • 06/2014 53th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Gießen

  • 08/2014 International Presidents' Meeting in Graz

  • 10/2014 66th International Council Meeting in Bodrum BEE Workshop

  • 11/2014 National Officers Meeting in Münster BEE Workshop

  • 01/2015 54th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Osnabrück BEE Workshop

  • 04/2015 National Officers Meeting in Potsdam BEE Workshop

  • 04/2015 67th International Council Meeting in Cluj-Napoca BEE Workshop, Nominationcommittee

  • 06/2015 55th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Passau BEE Workshop

  • 07/2015 7th Extraordinary National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Frankfurt am Main

  • 08/2015 Train the Officers in Frankfurt (Oder)

  • 08/2015 International Presidents' Meeting in Thessaloniki

  • 09/2015 National Officers Meeting in Hannover BEE Workshop

  • 10/2015 68th International Council Meeting in Batumi BEE Workshop