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Polish - German Study Visit Programme

in cooperation with ELSA Poland

ELSA Poland and ELSA Germany have planned something new for you: The “Polish - German Study Visit Programme”.

Our idea is to induce more Study Visits between the 16 Local Groups of ELSA Poland and 43 Local Groups of ELSA Germany. This way we want to work towards the purpose of ELSA:

To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers.

Special to this we also want to work to extend our Partnership. A Partnership that is existing in an informal way since 1989 and has been transformed into a formal partnership on the 21.01.1996. With this cooperation ELSA Poland and ELSA Germany wanted, among others, to stress the importance, bearing in mind the history of both our countries, of a close relationship between Polish and German citizens and to promote mutual tolerance and understanding of the cultural backgrounds of both countries. To achieve this, they especially wanted to foster and encourage contacts between Polish and German law students and young lawyers and to provide opportunities to gain an insight into each other’s legal system.

On this ground we decided to carry out the “Polish - German Study Visit Programme” and work to achieve our aims.