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ELSA Germany

43 National Groups from all over Europe are members of the international umbrella organisation ELSA, with its seat in Brussels. With approximately 50.000 members, ELSA is represented at over 260 universities throughout Europe.

ELSA Germany is one of these 43 countries and for itself umbrella organisation of 42 Local Groups. The Local Groups with altogether 11.500 members are independently organised at their universities. Each of the Local Groups is an independent registered association with a Local Board. The representatives of the Local Groups are electing the National Board of ELSA Germany.

Organ of ELSA Germany is, amongst others, the National Council Meeting that takes place twice a year. It is the highest decision-making body. Furthermore, the National Board, consisting of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer that have sole power of representation, as well as of four further board members, is also an organ of the association.

ELSA Germany is a non-profit-making association that gets support of its advisory council as well as of its partners.