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Frequently Asked Questions

ELSA is  the European Law Students‘ Association. ELSA organizes local, national and international events and brings pracitce into your studies. Academic events, visits to law firms or travels abroad - ELSA brings you further.

You can easily become an ELSA member at the ELSA group at your university. If you’re studying in Hamburg for example, your local group is called „ELSA-Hamburg e.V.“

An overview of all our 42 local groups and the links to their websites can be found here.

The best way to contact the local group at your university is through their specific website. The name of the website consists of
For example: Besides that, most ELSA groups have their own facebook page. 

Most of the events are organized by the local groups. In order for you to apply for these events, in most cases a simple e-mail to the organizers or a provided application form on their webiste ist enough. If you have questions regarding a certain event, you can contact the organizing local group.

ELSA is an association of 43 European countries. In order for active and passive members to get an overview, the names are everywhere the same. Because we are internationally acitve, the names of our board members are in English. In the english-speaking countries, every association has a President, Secretary General, and Treasurer. The other board members are Vice Presidents and are being called after their respecive events or projects (Marketing, Academic Activities, Seminars and Conferences, STEP).

STEP means Student Trainee Exchange Programme. The special thing about it is, that we provide German students with internships abroad. In order for you to apply for a STEP internship, you need to be an ELSA member. Do you want to collect experience abroad? Then contact your local group at your university and get more information.

Your membership can only be cancelled at our local group, in which you are a member. A cancellation at the umbrella organization ELSA Germany is not possible. Information on the modalities of the cancellation of your local group can be found on their webpage. Sometimes a simple e-mail will suffice, in other cases a written cancellation by mail is necessary.