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ELSA - The European Law Students' Association - is the largest association of law students worldwide and offers law students and young lawyers the possibility, to engage and further educate themselves. An international network, the education of socially responsible lawyers, academic work and practical relevance are the keystones of ELSA's self-understanding.

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    The trainings-system of ELSA provides you with possibilities in order to develop your own soft skills and personality together with your team. 

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    Moot Courts

    Moot Courts are simulated trials. The participants play lawyers and try to convince the judges not only of the greatness of their legal arguments, but also of the greatness of themselves. In the beginning Moot Courts were especially known in the anglo saxon parts but nowadays they are more and more beloved in Germany. 

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    You are the lawyer! Experience a day in the life of a lawyer, get the insight scoop on the practice of consulting in legal matters and enhance your personal abilities.
    The Competitions are two of the main ELSA projects of ELSA Germany and show what our organization characterizes: internationality and vocational preparation with academic connections. The Client Interviewing Competition (CIC) is about a simulated first contact between a lawyer and his client. The Negotiation Competition (NC) simulates a negotiation. 

Current News

Train the Trainers

Die Ausschreibung für die Teilnahme am Train the Trainers 2018 ist erneut eröffnet!

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Der ELSA Deutschland Verwaltungsrecht Moot Court (EDVMC) ist wieder da!

Der EDVMC geht nach einer erfolgreichen 1. Edition in seine zweite Runde

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Der Fokusmonat von ELSA-Deutschland e.V.

Der Fokusmonat rückt wieder in greifbare Nähe, und das diesjährige Thema des Fokusmonats lautet: Digitalisierung und Recht. Doch warum?

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ELSA Delegations

Wolltest du schon immer Teil einer Delegation von mehreren ELSA-Mitgliedern aus ganz Europa sein und an Sitzungen und Versammlungen internationaler...

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Current Events

Train the Officers in Trier

Das nationale Trainingsevent von ELSA Deutschland findet zum Amtsjahresende in Trier statt!

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Der Bundesentscheid des ELSA Deutschland Moot Court in Karlsruhe

Der EDMC geht demnächst wieder in seine finale Runde beim BGH in Karlsruhe.

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61. Generalversammlung von ELSA Deutschland

Die 61. Generalversammlung von ELSA-Deutschland e.V. wird vom 07. - 10. Juni 2018 in Saarbrücken stattfinden!

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Das Nationale Finale der ELSA Negotiation Competition bei Rittershaus

Am 03. Mai 2018 findet das diesjährige Nationale Finale der ELSA Negotiation Competition bei unserem Förderer RITTERSHAUS Rechtsanwälte...

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