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Legal Research Groups

A Legal Research Group (LRG) is a group of law students carrying out a research into a specified field of law and writing an academic legal article with the aim to publish their conclusions. They often work alongside legal professionals who support the LRG.

Since 2012 ELSA Germany has the unique opportunity to set up LRGs in cooperation with the „Deutscher Juristentag“ every two years. The conclusions will be presented at the symposium and later on published. You can find the latest report from 2016 here:

In addition ELSA International annually organises a LRG in cooperation with the Council of Europe which receives academic support from its Media and Internet Division. The participants from the different national groups had to answer a list of questions in order to investigate to what extent the national jurisdictions take measure on the issue and how effectively it is addressed. 

The topic of the past LRG was officially published by the Council of Europe this year (2016) was „Freedom of Expression – Protection of Journalistic Sources“. You can find it here.