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General Questions

Yes. If you are not a member yet, just contact your local ELSA group in order to find out how to become one. You may find a list of all German local groups here.

Yes. It is not only possible for students, but also for graduates and young lawyers to apply. You only have to be an ELSA member. In addition, traineeships on the level “graduate master” aim specifically at lawyers who already finished their master.

Traineeships can take place in any law-related area, e.g. in legal offices, in-house legal departments, courts, governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations. The geographical scale is not limited to European countries. We occasionally offer traineeships in other parts of the world as well (for example in the USA or the Dominican Republic).

Traineeship positions are offered twice a year. Just check out in order to find out about the next traineeship release. 

Yes. In fact most STEP traineeships take part during the summer. Each traineeship favours a different timeframe according to the employer’s preference. Just check out the respective traineeship offers.

Unfortunately not (see question 12). But you may apply for all traineeships that require an “undergraduate” as educational level.

There are no general language requirements. Each traineeship demands different language knowledge which you, as a matter of fact, have to meet in order to be allowed to apply. There are three different language levels that can be demanded: Fluent, Good and Basic.

Questions regarding the application

Follow the instructions on Prepare your application according to the online mask, meaning at least your CV and motivation letter(-s). Set up a meeting with the local STEP officer and bring a Word/Libre/OpenOffice document with your prepared CV and motivation letter(-s). In addition, take all your certificates/marks/etc. with you in order to prove that you meet the requirements. Once the local STEP officer approves, fill in the online application form together

In general, that decision is up to the local STEP officer. If you have lived abroad for a while it may be prove enough (depending on what you did and how much time you have spent there). Just talk to your local STEPer about the details.

No, that is not possible. The application has to be written in English since STEP is an international programme. Before the application is directed to the employer, ELSA International conducts a pre-selection, so they need to read and understand your application as well. Therefor, English is always required.

Approximately one month after the application deadline expired. The Selection Results will be published on Just ask the local STEP officer from time to time about the results and be a little patient. You can check as well and look for the Selection Results.

You are “advanced” in a certain legal area if you specialise in this subject or if you have dealt with it more closely in some other way. Please note that it is not realistic to be “advanced” in every legal subject, but normally only in three to five.

No. In general it is only possible to apply if you meet all requirements. The employer is looking for a trainee with all language and legal skills as well as the educational level he/she demanded. Trainees that apply nevertheless get mostly sorted out by ELSA International in the pre-selection and do not even reach the employer’s eye who then makes the final decision.