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How you can benefit from taking part in STEP:

STEP is our Student Trainee Exchange Programme. A programme that offers you as many advantages as it does for trainees.

The traineeship exchange programme run by ELSA entitles you to employ trainees of highest standard. You gain access to committed and motivated students, legal apprentices or young lawyers out of 42 countries all over Europe. Furthermore, our programme is a great possibility for you in order to promote internationality even more or to take the first step towards working in an international environment.

Participating in STEP is the easiest and most efficient way for you to employ a foreign young lawyer and to enable cultural exchange. Before and during the traineeship ELSA disburdens you by integrating the trainee as well as offering support like helping the trainee to apply if necessary for an employment permit and a visa. Additionally, you have the possibility to present yourself on the international STEP homepage and in the international magazine “Synergy”.

Your benefits are multifaceted – clients’ care due to a decrease in language barriers, support for important projects of international dimension or even estimating whether a mandate seems profitable in respect of the foreign law involved. This is just a short list of possibilities. The definite value will be set by you due to the assignments given to the trainee.

There don’t arise any costs for employers using our services. However the programme aims to be as socially fair as possible. Due to this we are pleased to offer mainly paid traineeships, but the payment will be set by you. It should cover the living costs of the trainee during the traineeship to enable the student to make a traineeship independent of the private financial situation or origin.

You can create your own requirement profile by filling in a simple form, the so-called Traineeship Specification Form. Alongside specific language and legal skills, you can determine the study level as well as the duration and precise period of the internship. Therefor project oriented work, starting from two weeks, as well as long-term internships with a duration of up to two years are possible. ELSA International will perform a pre-selection and you may then decide which trainee to accept yourself.

No matter if you are looking for a student with expertise in English Trade Law or a student who is able to translate most complex legal texts from Slovakian to German:

STEP is your key to success!

You may find further information in our Media Card (in German). Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions.