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What are the advantages of STEP?

With STEP you have the unique opportunity to pass a traineeship abroad. Most STEP traineeships are paid. The salary is usually as high as the average local living costs are. Each traineeship offers an individual payment. Just check out the international STEP homepage STEP is free of charge, so no commission is to be paid. You only need to pay your travel expenses, all other expenses that occur during your stay abroad and (if not stated otherwise) your accommodation.

Moreover, you will get personal assistance up from the application until the very end of your traineeship. Questions referring to the application will be answered unhesitatingly by your local VP STEP. 

Furthermore, the responsible STEPer of the local ELSA group offering the traineeship will already help you in advance like answering all your questions and supporting you with finding a feasible accommodation. Once abroad you will be warmly welcomed by him/her. Additionally, the local group will invite you to local ELSA events etc. to make you feel comfortable and integrated.

In order to apply for STEP you need to be a member of ELSA. If you’re not a member of any local ELSA group yet, just contact the respective ELSA group that is situated at your university. You may find a list of all German local ELSA groups here.

How to apply?

You can apply for a STEP traineeship following only three STEPs

1st STEP

You may find all available traineeships on First of all, you should inform yourself about all traineeships and check if you have the required skills. You can apply for up to three traineeships at a time. In case the application deadline has already expired, you should stay tuned for new offers: STEP traineeships are published twice a year, meaning that the next possibility to apply will arrive quite soon.

2nd STEP

Once the STEP traineeships are published, just follow the instructions on in order to get to the online application mask. Prepare your application according to the online mask, including at least your CV and motivation letter(-s). Set up a meeting with your local group’s STEP officer and bring a word/open office document with your prepared CV and motivation letter(-s). In addition, take all your certificates/marks/etc. with you in order to prove that you meet the requirements. Once the local STEP officer approves, fill in the online application form together. The application needs to be submitted within the respective deadline, which is stated on as well.

3rd STEP

The application deadline is followed by the so-called "matching process". At this stage a pre-selection might take place. All remaining applications will then be submitted to the respective employer. In case you are selected for an internship you receive an e-mail by ELSA International. You have to confirm the traineeship placement by filling in the Traineeship Confirmation Form (TCF) which you’ll receive by e-mail as well. Just contact your local STEP officer from time to time and ask about the Selection Results or check out for further information. Please be a little patient.