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The most important questions about trainings:

There are a lot of reasons to have a training for your board, your OC or your members. For all of these reasons, we offer trainings to you.

Depending on your wishes, you can learn about soft skills, grow together as a team, solve or prevend conflicts, plan your term or a bigger event together or combine some of these things.

Our professional trainers provide you with everything needed for this. In first interviews, you will clear up what your group is wishing for and then the trainers start their planning. Like this, you can directly know if your ideas can be put into practice in the training or if a restriction to less topics could make sense.
Like this, your training should be as individual as you are.

A training is always an experience that strengthens the group cohesion. If you want to have such an event for your team, a training could be a good possiblity. Together with the Director for Trainings or the trainers themselves, you will find the perfect topic for you.

Request your training here.

As often, also here applies the principle: It depends... Depending on the type of the training and the number of participants, the timeframe can vary. Normally it is good to start a training on a Friday afternoon and to end it on Sunday afternoon. If only one day makes sense or some other timeframe, should be checked with the trainers.

We recommend you to spend the dinners together or to have the whole training in a youth hostel. Especially for teambuilding this is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of the event.

The preparation of a training takes a lot of time and due to the fact that our trainers are employed, in traineeships or in the preparations for their exams, they need some lead time. It would be perfect to request the training 8 - 12 weeks before the event and to tell the trainers two alternative dates. But you can also request a training later and we try our best to find a trainer for you.

ELSA Germany pays the costs that occur for the trainers (travel costs, meals, accomodation, material etc.). All the other costs should be payed by your Local Group but are normally quite low (e.g. room rental, drinks, snacks etc.). If you decide on having the training outside of your city and university, there is the possibility to get money out of the fund of our Local Groups (Fakultätsgruppenfonds). For more information on that, please contact the Treasurer of ELSA Germany.

To become part of the German National Trainers' Pool, you firstly have to go through the seven-day educational training. The Train the Trainers' (TtT) is prepared and conducted by three experienced trainers out of the German Trainers' Pool.

The TtT is especially interesting for ELSA members that are finished with their active time in ELSA but still want to stay part of the network.

To participate, you have to first send in an application which will be anonymised.

All the important information on the application and the dates of the TtT will be sent to the mailing lists by the National Board.

The educational trainings lasts 7 days and is conducted in a youth hostel. The number of participants is 10 to 12 persons

During the education, it is all about learning about methods to conduct a training and not about content. You have to teach yourself the possible contents of trainings afterwords. Of course, the other trainers are there for you if you want to exchange ideas or need help. Also, in the last years, a "mentor programme" was established. Every new trainer gets an experienced trainer to help him out.

The Train the Trainers' is conducted every two years. The upcoming TtTs will be in 2016 and 2018.

The costs for the Train the Trainers' are mostly payed by ELSA Germany. There could occur travel costs for you.