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Our trainings – what the Trainers’ Pool has to offer to you

A good training doesn’t follow a certain plan, it is unique and follows the necessities and requirements of the participants and gets its character from the experiences of the trainers. Therefore, we offer you a broad range of trainings that is continuously developing itself. Nevertheless, we want to present a few types of trainings to you, so that you get an idea of what can be reached with a training.
The afterwards presented types of trainings are the core trainings that are regularly given. However, the list is not final and the trainers are open-minded for your ideas. If you have special wishes, don’t be afraid to tell them to us in your trainings request or tell them directly to your contact person in the National Board.


Management & Strategy

The training “Management & Strategy” is the kick-off for newly elected boards at the beginning of their term. Therefore, the focus of this training is your mutual work in the board. In such a training on planning your term, you will learn more about successful teamwork and sustainable work of your association. That means not only methods for communication and moderation, but also tips and tricks for setting goals and successfully reaching them.


Project management

You’re planning a big event during your term in your Local Group? It doesn’t matter if it’s about a National Council Meeting, a seminar, an international Moot Court or a Summer Law School. All these projects have one thing in common: the Organising Committee needs a good plan and strong nerves. To prepare you for the hectic pace that could arise during the final stage, the possible frustration if something doesn’t work out as it was planned before or the changes in the group dynamics, we offer you this training. You learn about the effective implementation of methods of project management while working on a concrete project and receive the tools to make a success out of your project.



You need more sponsors in your Local Group? You’re planning a big project that needs financial support? During the training “Fundraising”, you learn everything that you need to know about acquisition and maintaining contacts. That means on the one hand theoretical knowledge about the content of fundraising and on the other hand practical tips on how to address a potential partner and to make him stay.


Rhetoric and presentation

Everyone knows that you could quickly get a certain feeling in your stomach if you have to give a presentation in front of a lot of people and that your voice could get shaky.
To prevent this in the future, with this training we offer the possibility to develop your individual presentation and rhetorical skills to you.
If the main emphasis is on rhetoric, the training is about handling prepared and unprepared situations in which you have to talk to people. If you want to develop your presentation skills, you will also learn about how to arrange a presentation and how to improve your use of media.


Team Development

You just started your term and want to know more about your team colleagues? Half of your term is already over and you mention that not everything in your team is working out as you expected it to be? Then it’s time for a training on Team Development.
This training isn’t about teaching content to you but deals with the processes within a team. The aim of this training is dealing appreciatively with your teammates and strengthening the basis of trust for a productive teamwork.


Negotiation Training

The aim of the negotiation training is to prepare the participants for different negotiation situations. This shall be reached by imparting of different negotiation techniques. The aim is to learn the basics about handling of negotiations and argumentation, as well as how to structure the negotiation in a way that the person opposite is convinced by yourself and your opinion. This training can also, but should not especially, prepare for the Moot Court Competitions by ELSA Germany and ELSA International, as well as the ELSA Negotiation Competition.


Studying Methods

This training passes on different learning strategies. It is about finding out which type of learner you are, e.g. if it's better for you when someone explains everything to you or if you are better in indepent reading and working on cases. It will also be shown how to keep the motivation high during a long period of studying. Time management is also an important part of the training.